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Scan documents from A5-A0 format
Scan types of documents: books, magazines, bound documents, pictures, drawings, objects
Scan multiple papers with a thickness of up to 20cm
Scan with high speed, good output quality
Scan does not need to undraw the document, does not damage or lose the document

While the industrial revolution is still accelerating day by day, microfilm preservation still silently asserts its role in the process of professional document preservation. This method is now highly appreciated and widely applied because of its flexibility as well as outstanding advantages. Why so?

What to do when the number of paper documents is increasing and occupying a lot of storage space? Funding to buy a scanner is too much for your organization?

Understanding these concerns, IDT Vietnam would like to offer customers the leading professional scanner rental service nationwide with many scanners from many famous brands in the world.




* When should i use the scanner rental service?

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